Taizhou Kaidi Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd.is a special enterprise producing different kinds of shower room faucet , conceled faucet and beer tap.

We receivesí░humanist, uses quality to compete, the honest code of honor, the communal development " management idea,í░take serves the customer as the centerí▒develops the market.Carries out the informationization management positively in the company interior, promotes the enterprise to synthesize the competitive ability; Refinement staff and department achievements inspection, standard enterprise internal management flow; Has established the fast customer response mechanism,enhances the customer degree of satisfaction vigorously, and pursues the product sedulously the acme of perfection; Develops, the innovation unceasingly, superego; Caused the enterprise to step onto the development path which stable, highly effective, continued.The company has a unity, the struggle production, the sale, the installment and the post-sale service troop. Since the company had been established by its specialized production technology, pursues the perfect market service consciousness and the good enterprise prestige, causesí░KAIDIí▒product to proliferate all over the world , is deep the user faith!

We also take the market demand as the guidance, take the technological innovation as the support,take the characteristic development as the principle, as always, wholeheartedly provides the highest quality product and the service for the new and old customer.

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